Apathy Noir

Viktor Jonas - rhythm & lead guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drum programming

About Apathy Noir

Apathy Noir was a Melancholic Death/Doom Metal band founded by Viktor Jonas in 2003.

Since the debut demo in 2006, Apathy Noir have released 5 full-lenght albums, and three EP's.
After the release of At The Edge of The World on August 5, 2021, band leader Viktor decided to disband the band
and to focus on new musical projects which eventually resulted in a new band called Mylingen.

To hear and experience new music from Viktor Jonas: Mylingen Bandcamp Mylingen FaceBook

Guest musicians:

Andy Walmsley

vocals 2017-2021

Vidar Wetterhall

vocals 2006-2007 / 2015-2017

Serge Farinas

bass guitar 2009-2011, additional lead & rhythm guitars 2007-2008

Claudio Lousada

vocals 2009-2011

Sebastian Gustafsson

bass guitar 2006-2008 / 2016-

Philip Gr ning

vocals 2013-2014