Across Dark Waters

Artnoir Productions 2016-01-26

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1.Beyond the Sea
2. Lure of the Sirens
3. The Village
4.Constance Willow II
5. Death of Hope
6. A Gruesome Journey
7. Dark Waters

Total running time: 61:22


Additional info:
Across Dark Waters was written and recorded between November 2013 and December 2015 in Studio Noir (Norrköping, Sweden) and Studio Noir2 (Söderköping, Sweden) .

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Viktor Jonas.
Artwork, layout & design by Viktor Jonas.
Music & arrangements by Viktor Jonas.
Lyrics & vocal arrangements by Vidar Wetterhall.

Viktor Jonas: rhythm & lead guitars, bass guitar, keyboards & drum programming
Vidar Wetterhall: vocals


No Clean Singing full discography review
Metal-Temple 8/10
The Metal Observer 7.5/10
Phantasmagoria (Greek)
Eternity Magasin (German) - 5/6
Thy Demons Be Scribblin - 5/5
Prog Metal Zone
Dead Rhetoric - 8/10
Sorrow Eternal - 9/10
Taste of Khaos - 8/10 - 17/20
Arte Mortifica
Ultraje 7.5/10
Doomed to Darkness - 8/10
AZM Magazine

"You can sense the longing in the riffs, the tired struggle in the vocals – this is music that speaks to the listener in every way. The story itself is strong, and invests the listener along with the music itself. Like the best in the doom/death genre, there is a balance between that darkness and shades of more hopeful moments. Not so much uplifting as less bleak, the shades of emotion keep everything more dynamic as the story unfolds." - Dead Rhetoric

"We really love this band's fusion of soft and dark sounds filtered through a very deeply personal psychedelic-fused take on doom metal." - Prog Metal Zone

"hymns that penetrate the deep crevices of the mind. Rooted in the doom genre but adding a melodic touch that reflects an extra layer of sound exploration for both novice and frequent listeners of the genre." - Arte Mortifica