2017-09-23 | New vocalist

Vocalist Vidar Wetterhall decided to leave the band earlier this year. I sincerely thank him for his devotion and effort he put in to my music. However, the news of his departure was badly timed as lyrical themes for the new album (an EP at the time) was more or less decided and I had three songs ready for vocal treatment.

During the search for a new vocalist I continued writing and recording new songs and I'm happy to say that I have enough material for a full-lenght album. And I am very happy to announce Andy Walmsley as the vocalist for the upcoming album.

Andy has previously worked with bands like Twilight's Embrace and Beyond Grace. We are currently demoing the new songs and the goal is to have the vocals recorded by the end of October.

2017-02-24 | Sample of new songs

I've been working on a new release since august 2016 and I think I'd like to share some of my work with you. Here is a taste of what the upcoming Apathy Noir release will sound like. Keep in mind that the songs are still in production so anything can happen with the instrumentation, production etc etc. I hope you like it! // Viktor
- Listen to a 4 minute medley on Soundcloud

2016-09-02 | Full discography review

"Now, to address the elephant in the room, I’ll acknowledge that the solemn Swedes owe a very heavy debt to early Opeth – particularly around the My Arms, Your Hearse period. But I’m confident you’ll find that there’s more to them than just that, particularly when they delve into the doomier, gloomier side of their repertoire."
- No Clean Singing

2016-06-04 | The Metal Observer review

"Across Dark Waters is a solid album for fans of doom/death. It’s a massive leap in songwriting from the band’s previous material and manages to be both a compelling story and contain a solid batch of songs. Between it and In Mourning’s Afterglow it has been a solid spring season for progressive doom/death."
- The Metal Observer 75/100

2016-03-14 | Digipack CD available now!

The digipack cd version of Across Dark Water is finally available. You can buy it on Bandcamp or directly from the website by clicking the buy now link below. Price is 8€ + shipping.

Secure payment through PayPal:

2016-03-11 | Great reviews keep pouring in...

"Keyboards are gloomy and mesmerizing. It is not all about desperation, not yet; there’s here a break of hope, underlined by clean vocals and guitars’ change of tempos. Few seconds before a new epiphany of death approaching, while the arrangements together with the return of the growls – like a tragic clouds shadowing slowly – pull you back to the inevitable."
- Taste of Khaos

"We really love this band's fusion of soft and dark sounds filtered through a very deeply personal psychedelic-fused take on doom metal."
- Prog Metal Zone

"Jonas, as a musician and an artist, has nothing left to prove. His writing has only gotten better with each subsequent release, culminating in an album that achieves balance between sound and imagery."
- Sorrow Eternal

2016-02-26 | Pre-order Digipack CD

You can now pre-order the cd version of Across Dark Waters. It will come in a matte coated digipack. Excpected release date is March 16. Follow the link below to pre-order the album on Bandcamp.

>>> Pre-order Across Dark Waters CD here <<<

2016-02-20 | More reviews of Across Dark Waters

"So let's be clear this just kicks some major ass. This is as epic and it is sullen and meloncoly."
- AZM Magazine

"C’est un titre vraiment prenant du début à la fin, un peu comme l’album en fait." - 17/20
- French-Metal.com

"é um álbum que requer ouvir-se com a devida atenção, porque as faixas longas – como é apanágio da banda – têm um caminhar progressivo bem patente na medida em que as estruturas se transformam parecendo até que há temas dentro de temas."
- Ultraje

2016-02-12 | The first reviews are in...

"A release you can virtually melt into. Both epic and mesmerizing."
- Thy Demons Be Scribblin

"[...] hymns that penetrate the deep crevices of the mind. Rooted in the doom genre but adding a melodic touch that reflects an extra layer of sound exploration for both novice and frequent listeners of the genre."
- Arte Mortifica Reviews

"[...] if you are a fan of early Opeth, Katatonia and My Dying Bride, you should dig the hell out of Across Dark Waters."
The Dirty Room

"[...] a style of doom/death metal that is very slow, melodic and atmospheric while also mixing in progressive elements to create a style of their own [...]" - Doomed to Darkness

2016-02-02 | Name change & new album

Due to a legal issue, the band was forced to change it's name and is now known as Apathy Noir. The entire discography has been re-released on Bandcamp with new artwork. The band's music that is still available on digital music platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, etc will soon be taken down. Wether or not the music will be made available again under the Apathy Noir name is yet to be decided.

Viktor is currently in the process of updating the band name and info on sites across the internet, such as Rateyourmusic, Metal-Archives etc. Most of the sites are updated, but if you find any site where it is not, feel free to update the content to correspond with the new name and logo (you can use the image above).

Sadly the release of the new album, Across Dark Waters, was interupted by this event, but as of today the release is available again and promos are being sent out to webzines, magazines etc. Hopefully a physical CD will also be available soon.