Beyond the Sea

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Vidar Wetterhall

Where no life dwells
Where others have gone and yet not returned
From the safe shores of home
We sailed away out in the waves so wild
Searching for our lives work
Always at sea, generations gone by
The cold winds from the ocean turned us hard

The only way to live by these waters you see
Is to grow cold and let the harvest bring you joy
On this day a wayfarer journeyed away
His men and him and some finer men too
Treasure to those hard enough to sail the longest mile

In the unknown, there might be a reward
And the wisdom that comes from discoveries

The great mist awaits us
On the ocean that swallows you whole
Shes taken many good lives
Deceitful, yet tempting
I look up ahead, looks like a storm

A world of trouble heading our way and closing in fast
All men positioning, regroup or well die
The only chance to make it out alive
We have to ride the waves through the storm as shes approaching
Furious in all her might

However, we did everything right
But this was no storm that wed never seen before
And so we failed our duty and our ship was wrecked
For a while all time stood still then all went black

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