Death of Hope

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Vidar Wetterhall

Morning came, and with it the sun
It's rays through glass
Suddenly awake

Constance remembered her thoughts last night
Time to talk to the chief
She went to his house, and said it was urgent
And gave him a hint

Before even half woke, he knew what had to be done
Meet me in the forest by the big stone
Where the flowers grow so wild
You know, the place where we all have been children at some point in our lives

Constance went to the stones and she waited for a while
For the chief to tell her of the sights from the night before

Once he met with Constance, he made sure she knew what he thought she knew
With no one around, he cut her throat and hid her remains

Of a terrible crime, he felt nothing
After all he was taking his folks to a paradise

Constance could have ruined my plans, she even smiled with relieve
He went back to his quarters. Tired for some reason he didnít know

Where am I? This place, I donít know...
My soul will never rest again
I will haunt this forest for a long time
Where am I? This place, I donít know...

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