Lure of the Sirens

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Vidar Wetterhall

When I woke up I was on a beach
Unknown to me
Palms, white sands...
Wait, Im not alone, a sound further in through the trees
I make my way through these forest like lands

- Why dont you stay here forever; weve really grown fond of you.
- I have a home far away. People are waiting. I have to go. Well settle this tomorrow.
They looked at each other and they said:
- Your folks they can stay as well. This island is rich and has plenty. It would serve them well from what youve told us.

I gave it a thought while the women looked at me
Suddenly I found myself kissing one the women
Then we made love, all four of us. One almost clutched my heart out!
The next morning a boat was ready for me

That night the silence helped me get their blood
They had my mind and control me
I try to stay in control but
The weak mind of men is seen again

Now I see the familiar shore, the line of the trees and the mountains far beneath
The sky is grey, but there on the islands the sky is blue
Never mind, I am home

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