The Village

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Vidar Wetterhall

There’s a man on our shore walking towards our village
Can you see him?
What seems to be his intention?
Is it someone we know?
The distance shrink and then we could see
The old familiar face of our head chief journeyman
We’ve thought you were gone forever
- It felt like an eternity, but I made it out alive. The rest of the crew is gone. Tonight at the town’s square, tell everyone to be there.

And so the Chief went to his house and he locked the door behind him
He stayed there until it was dark
Fires lit the village square, all gathered now
A stage for the chief to climb, made for this occasion of his return
In the front, a girl was staring, he didn’t know her name but she stared
Suddenly he felt a cold stroke on his neck

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