To End The Misery

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Viktor Jonas

As seasons turns summer ends
Everything around me withers, drained of life
But I'm still standing, as frozen in time
Abandoned and alone, awaiting the silence

Swallowed by the mist of morning,
disappearing into the pale
Carried away by the autumn storms
that scars the landscape

Ashen skies and dark horizons
The early winter's frost
sends a chill down my spine
I'm awaiting the silence
To end the misery

On the first day of November
Snow fell like ashes from the sky
From a fire long since extinct
Like the fire inside of me
That had ceased to exist, left me unable to feel
It was a fire that would never burn again

The sun is blinding my eyes
Everything around me has come back to life
But I'm withered and cold, the perpetual winter
inside of me still reigns supreme

I closed my eyes and felt the world fade away

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