The Light at The Edge of The World

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Andy Walmsley

I am the keeper of the light, at the edge of the world
A silent sentinel on guard
Keeping my restless vigil, against the coming of the dark
I watch the churning currents of the oceanís mighty heart

Set the lantern burning, and keep a watchful eye
With crooked hand record the days as they pass by
This shall be my sacred duty, and though it will consume me
I know my task is never finished, my work is never done

Night after night, sleepless and dreamless
Tending the light, piercing the darkness

And by this path I guide you home, and keep your bodies from the rocks
This is my task and mine alone, and none shall take it from me

And so I spend my days, in solitude and contemplation
This is the price that I must pay, penance for my past transgressions

I am the keeper of the light, he who tends the burning beacon
I am the watcher in the night, heed my warning, hear my welcome

So this will be my prayer, no matter where you roam
May the winds and waves be fair, and bring you safely home

But should pale death, with treble dread, make the ocean caves your bed
May gracious god, who hears the surges roll, deign to save your suppliant soul

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