Black Seas of Infinity

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Andy Walmsley

What mortal men could ever comprehend (the abstract nature of infinity unbound)?
The wonder and the horror, of worlds without number (and existence without end)

What mercy it must be, to be so blind that we can never truly see
What lies behind the curtain, what waits beyond the veil

A single glance, a single glimpse, would be enough to unravel our grip
A single touch, a single taste, would surely lay our minds to waste

What mortal man could ever truly understand (that our reality is nothing that it seems to be)?
Our insignificance, and our impermanence (a revelation that sanity cannot withstand)

For knowledge is power, to cure or corrupt
So let this be a warning, for all of those who seek to know too much
One manís blessing is anotherís endless curse that they cannot give up

This is our gift and our burden, knowledge we cannot forget

And so I stared, into the abyss, and it stared back with countless eyes
I felt its gaze, linger on my face, but what I saw I cannot truly describe
I have no words for what I witnessed
Nor can I speak of what it cost, all I have gained, all I have lost

But for a single moment, my eyes were truly open, at last

And I beheld before me a labyrinth of worlds
Stretched out in their glory like a tapestry unfurled
Careless in its beauty, endless in its bounty yet unclaimed
Without mercy or compassion, boundless and untamed

And only now do I truly understand

We are an island in an endless sea
Standing blind and naked on the shoreline of infinity
Clinging blindly to these tiny scraps of light
Unaware that we are all alone, in an ocean of night

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