Cold Harbour

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Andy Walmsley

Night falls fast, in the wilderness, and it seems to last forever
Night falls hard on the loneliest, so far away from home
Night falls dark, in the emptiness, with no light to guide our way

Thatís why we huddle together for warmth, searching for a sanctuary

No safety, no shelter, for us in this cold harbour

There is no rest for the wicked or the weak
Unwanted guests unwelcome at the feast
No port in the storm, will offer us home
The line has been drawn, we are always alone

Every crooked smile conceals, mischief and malice, so cold and so callous
And every empty hand reveals, that there is nothing here for us

Time and again they turn us away, barring their windows and locking their doors
Time and again they keep us at bay, casting us out, into the dark once more

No safety and no shelter, for us in this cold harbour
And if we do not carry on, we will not live to see the dawn

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