Black Soil

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Andy Walmsley

Bury me where I fall, and lay my bones to rest
Beneath the black soil, so I may sleep the sleep of death

Oh bury me, so I may sleep, in dreamless slumber, and wake no more

And so I will return, to the womb that once bore me
And I will feed the roots of the earth, with the essence of my body

This is my flesh, this is my blood
All that I am and all that I was
My flaws and all my failures
All of the choices I have made
The consequences of my actions
And I will take them to the grave

Bury me where I fall, and lay my bones so deep
That no-one can find me, and light can never reach

Oh bury me, and let me sleep forever, in endless darkness, beneath the soil

From ashes to ashes, from dust into dust we return
So it is and always will be
From nothing into nothing, without pause and without mercy

Watching the hours as they pass, falling like rain, through the hourglass
Counting the days, slipping away, the sands of time, are all that remain

Oh bury me
So I may sleep
In dreamless slumber
And wake no more

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