The Void Which Binds

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Andy Walmsley

There is a void inside us all
An empty space we cannot fill
An endless absence that haunts us still

There is a void inside us all, which binds us, defines us, and unites us as one

What is our meaning, what is our purpose?
These are the questions, the phantoms that haunt us.
These are the thought that torment us, as we stare into the abyss

We are all empty, we are lost
But we are not alone

No man is an island, except by his own choice
For we are all united, by the substance of the void

We are united by our loss
By the void inside of us

No matter the distance that divides us now, we are united by our loss

We are all empty, we are all lost, but we are not alone

We are like empty vessels adrift upon the ocean, longing for shore
We long for something more

Like empty pages, waiting for the coming of the word
To fill the empty spaces in our lives

The empty spaces that define
The distant edges of the void which binds

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