Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Philip Grüning

I never asked for you to come
But now your in my life
It just all went so fast

You said I'm here for you
I feel you
I thought “okay”
I believe all you say
And then let you in
In my life full of sin

You stroke my soul with a gentle touch
And promised to care, care for me just as much as much I care
None of my secrets I care
I care to save

Then you touched my heart and smiled
I thought I misjudged you and liked you for a while
I felt bad, thought I must have been all just me
You were so kind
It had to be

I let you in under my skin
Deep within
You ate me up like a piece of chop
Deep within
You killed me but wait you’ll see
Betray me
I’ll let you see the real me
You will see
The real me

You're a lie
So am I

But just a gleam in one of your (eyes)
and suddenly I realized
I saw pure evil
It shone right through
and revealed the real ghastly you

You're evilness personalized
You're abhorrence supersized

Your abhorrence supersized
Your evilness personalized

Turn you back or fall asleep
Dare to provoke
I don’t say that it must but it could make you choke
I might have lived a few lives before
You´ve met Mr. likable
Let me introduce the other me
Mr. Vindictive, pleasant to meet
I cancel my victims precisely and neat
Precisely and neat

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