Leper Tides

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Philip GrŁning

I saw them fade limb by limb
In our well known imprisonment
Recovery was my naÔve whim

We all waited for death to come
Like a bent liberation
And he came for us one by one
Extinguished a whole nation

One day they all were gone
Rotten and disfigured
Gone was the hope I rested upon

Nothing really matters anymore
This is not a life it is a curse
My heart is fighting the biggest war
The pain canít get any worse

I donít want to stay in a rotten dump
I am as lonely as anyone can be
My hope is featureless

What a relief
The rope killed all my grief
Rather dead than a zombie

I opened doors so many I couldnít count
But no hope left, all there was; a disgusting reek
Superior my happy thoughts amount
No wonder my mind is starting,
starting to get weak

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