Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Philip Grüning

Get out of my way
if you want to survive
There will be no life left
when I arrive

I pick you up
Just to smash you down
I will throw you off
the wrong side of town

Push your luck
I have seen you try

Smash into pieces
Tear off the ground
My action decreases
all things around
I'm fast and I'm strong
Don't get in my way

My only mission and meaning
is to stir the pot
Perhaps also demeaning
And show you all you're not
And show you all
And show you all you're not

I will enjoy to get you
Lift you, shake you and throw you
When I leave your broken body

I must confess
I couldn't care less

Don’t get in my way
You’re not able to stay
I'll pick you and smack you down
I'll spread your life all over town

Like I said I must confess
I couldn't care less

I don’t even know your name
To me you people are all the same


No remorse, I'll kill you all
Totally impassive I'll watch you fall
Your life and wellbeing means nothing to me
Compassion have never been my cup of tea

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