The Immense Seas of Nothingess

Music: Viktor Jonas | lyrics: Claudio Lousada

Against the sands of grazing time
We stood proud
Into the land of grey and white
We journey deep

The wind that chills and cuts our grip
Of senses deep
For every quest of a man
A universal ride

Silhouettes of fear
Come grumbling with tears
The hope of light
Is lost in this sea of white
Descending fire
Disguised in strokes of cold
Purview of the hands
From which this nature stands

Visions calling
Voices “of” father’s land
Cristal portraits
Drown us in dismay

With fear we fall
Upon a hideous call
The sands of ice
Swallow our hopes enticed
We see in assent
The path with no end
Surrounded by loss
The agony sovereigns

Lost in void
And devastation eternally

Oblivious beings
Uncoil their wings
Devotions calls
Against the awe

Endemic war
Who comes in roar
Sublime in archetype

Way out of here,
A way out of here we yearn
When the days come again
When the days come again we yearn

Ferocious elements
Claim ancientness
Their survival through ages
Since forgotten times

Older than man
Torn inside
Lost sense of life
Hollow grimes

It claims its dawn
The mother nature’s son
Comes ripping unleashed
It steals its part
A glimpse of light
Retrieved into blindness
The darkness it falls
Suffocates its preys

A warrior´s end in solid fear
And time trembles it’s servant hands
Confronted with the weight of woe
Surrounded hopes to the call of thee

Defeated by the elements that never surrenders
Our will to fight with our own minds
A quest ended in sorrow craze
Buried in darkness, forgotten

Reality becomes unreal, a cosmic thrill
The dawn of men in these confines comes to an end

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