2020-09-25 | New single released!

The new single "The Shipbreaker's Song" is now available on all digital platforms. The single contains two tracks; The Shipbreaker's Song, an epic, melodic yet heavy song, which will also be featured on the upcoming album, and The Sunken Place, a darker, more aggressive and heavier song, exclusive to this release.

Head over to Bandcamp to buy or stream the single.

It will shortly be available on all major streaming platforms shortly!

2020-01-24 | Update!

It's been silent here since the release of Black Soil in 2018 and since then who really is bothered to visit an old fashioned website, hey?!

Well the great news is that a new album is coming and it is not that far away. Pre-production is mostly finished, and I've sent the songs along to my vocalist Andy to do his thing. After that there's the vocal mixing and final mixing so I'm looking at a release hopefully around March/April.
In the meantime, why not have a look and listen to the work in progress:

And be sure to check me out on Facebook where you'll get information faster than here: Apathy Noir on Facebook

2018-01-31 | Black Soil OUT NOW!

Black Soil is released! You can buy the digital release or the digipack CD on Bandcamp:


The album is also available on all major digital platforms! Head over to Apathy Noir Offical Facebook for all the latest news, reviews etc!

2018-01-17 | Release date and pre-order

Black Soil will be released on January 31st as a digital download and a Digipack CD. You can pre-order the album now from Bandcamp!

Click on the image below to place your pre-order.

2017-12-16 | Artwork and track listing for the new album

Time to reveal the artwork and track listing for the new album, which will be titled "Black Soil". The album will be released in January 2018 (no specific date is set yet). It features guest musician Andy Walmsley (Beyond Grace) on vocals and a special appearance by Lars Björkens (Throne of Heresy) with a couple of guitar solos. Photography for the artwork was provided by Arthur Kornovics. The album will be released on CD as well as on all major digital platforms.


1. The Glass Delusion 6:23
2. Samsara 6:21
3. Black Soil 7:10
4. The Void Which Binds 9:03
5. Bloodsong 8:15
6. Towers of Silence 6:24
7. Time and Tide 7:43

More details will be released in the weeks leading up to release. Get the latest info on our Facebook page.