Apathy Noir

Viktor Jonas - rhythm & lead guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drum programming

About Apathy Noir

Apathy Noir is a Melancholic Death/Doom Metal band founded by Viktor Jonas in 2003.

Since the debut demo in 2006, Apathy Noir have released 5 full-lenght albums, and three EP's.

The latest album, At The Edge of The World was released on August 5, 2021.

As the second collaboration in a row between Jonas and vocalist Andy Walmsley (Beyond Grace, Twilight’s Embrace), the new album showcases a richer and more emotionally resonant version of the sound the two developed on Black Soil, reflecting the growth in the duo’s creative partnership.

Conceptually the album returns once again to the mystery and majesty of the sea, a theme which the band’s music has touched upon before, on albums such as A Silent Nowhere (2008) and Across Dark Waters (2016), but which here serves as the background and inspiration for every single song.

From the horror and helplessness of the refugee (“Cold Harbour”) to the plight of poor laborers, poisoned by the derelicts abandoned on their shores (“The Shipbreaker’s Song”) - alongside references to Buddhist philosophy (“Wanderers”) and the work of H. P. Lovecraft (“Black Seas of Infinity”) - the lyrics tell stories of humanity’s hopes and dreams, fears and fantasies, embodied by the unknowable vastness of the ocean.

"Careless in its beauty, endless in its bounty yet unclaimed
Without mercy or compassion, boundless and untamed"

Musically the album is the band’s deepest, darkest, and most progressive work yet, comparable in both style and spirit to the early works of Opeth and October Tide, Dawn, Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity.
But it’s also undeniably their most poignant and personal record too, containing some of the most powerful riffs and sorrowful melodies they’ve ever written, resulting in a series of songs that are more intense, more intricate, and more immersive than anything they’ve done before, and which serve to refine and redefine the sound of Apathy Noir for a whole new era.

Guest musicians:

Andy Walmsley

vocals 2017-

Vidar Wetterhall

vocals 2006-2007 / 2015-2017

Serge Farinas

bass guitar 2009-2011, additional lead & rhythm guitars 2007-2008

Claudio Lousada

vocals 2009-2011

Sebastian Gustafsson

bass guitar 2006-2008 / 2016-

Philip Grüning

vocals 2013-2014