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December 10th 2015
I have just received word from the band that they will re-unite for a one off live show set to be played in Varberg, Sweden on April 16th 2016. What this means for the future I don't know as of now, although I know that Eucharist now owns all the rights to their discography again and that seems like good news indeed! I excpect to hear more news coming from the band shortly.

The band has also provided me with a new official e-mail adress:

The official Facebook page has also been updated, and a twitter page has also been created. You'll find them here: Facebook | Twitter.

This site will also undergo a makeover in the near future!

December 7th 2007
Added an interview from a Chilean zine from 1992. Thanks to Osvaldo for mailing the pics. You'll find the interview here. Osvaldo also sent me a band picture and a band flyer which is to be found in the photos section.
I also added a bunch of old W.A.R Records flyers, sent to me by Frido Stolte. You'll find them in the photos section.

September 15th 2007
An old interview from Italian magazine Koito was uploded. You'll find it in the band section

July 2nd 2007
KRIZZZ mailed me two new tabs. This time it's Bloodred Stars and Demons. Check them out in the music section.

March 29th 2007
A guy called KRIZZ e-mailed me two of his own Eucharist tabs, Greeting Immortality and The View. The tabs are awesome! They are available in the music section. Thanks KRIZZZ!

September 10th 2006
I added an interview from the Mortician Magazine from 1993. Thanks to Martijn for sending me that one. You'll find it here and in the band section. Also, be sure to check out the Eucharist MySpace site, maintained by Martijn aswell.

March 23rd 2006
It's been a long time, but finally - for the first time ever - all songs from the Eucharist catalogue are now available for download. The mp3's are fully endorsed my Markus Johnsson of the band, and therefore fully legal to download. You'll find 'em here

May 17th 2005
I fixed the broken thumbnails on the music-section, and added an interview in the band-section (thanks Ralf!). I will probably upload some mp3's in a near future, first I'll have to get Markus' approval.

December 3rd 2003
I moved the site to a new and hopefully faster serer. I wil also upload some mp3's for you.

April 4th 2003
The new, totally re-done, Eucharist website is now online! This 2nd installement of the site is a vast improvement from the first one. I think the band finally got the website they deserve. I can with big certainty say that this is the biggest Eucharist resource on the net. Enjoy!